Consulting Services

MegaWatt's principals each have over three decades of consulting experience. MegaWatt's advisory services relating to energy storage include the following capabilities:

For Utilities

MegaWatt can assist utilities in planning, developing and operating storage facilities.

With respect to planning, MegaWatt has detailed models for most major storage technologies and can advise utilities on the best technology for their applications. MegaWatt also has proprietary software for modeling project economics, including revenue and storage lifetime.

With respect to project development and operation, MegaWatt can advise on regulatory issues related to operating storage and how to avoid potential problems. MegaWatt can also provide independent operation, bidding and scheduling of storage resources. These services can provide a utility with independent, third party management of their storage resources in cases where regulatory restrictions require independent operation. By working with MegaWatt, utilities can maximize the revenue from their storage facilities.

For Storage and Power Electronics Firms

MegaWatt has advised storage and power electronics developers on the requirements for grid storage applications. This includes advising on both hardware and software specifications. It also includes advising on economic models, technical models, pro-formas, bid preparation and bidding strategies for RFOs.

MegaWatt has proprietary software models and charging-discharging profiles for analyzing the lifetime of storage systems when used for different grid applications.

For Grid Operators / ISOs / RTOs

MegaWatt has worked closely with many grid operators to advise on how storage can be integrated into their systems. This includes advising on both market and regulatory reforms needed to maximize the benefits of storage. MegaWatt has proprietary software models for modeling the revenue impact of different pricing models and regulatory structures.

For Independent Firms

MegaWatt has worked with independent energy providers, including renewable energy sources, IPPs, property owners and others. The range of services includes assessing the benefits of adding storage to a power project, plus joint ventures and proposal support.

For Financial Firms

MegaWatt has advised many of the world's leading financial firms (VCs, private equity firms and mutual funds) on the structure of the electricity market and on the investment opportunities arising from deployment of energy storage. Our advisory and due diligence services include analysis of the storage market, monetization models for storage, comparison between different storage technologies, and advising on regulatory issues.

For Government and Regulatory Agencies

MegaWatt frequently submits oral and written testimony on storage-related regulatory matters, including on grants, incentives and legislature. MegaWatt has also provided briefings on and analysis of storage to multiple regulatory agencies. MegaWatt's involvement is at local, state and federal levels.